Not that long ago, I did an oracle reading for Joe.

The card I pulled was Radical Self-Love.

And, this, all of us need more of.

Choosing into radical self love means that we choose to love ourselves when we get it right AND when we get it wrong.

That we don’t just love ourselves when we do our best, feel our best or look our best, but all the shades in between.

It’s about loving ourselves NO MATTER WHAT.

No matter how dark it seems, no matter who likes us or doesn’t, no matter how perfect or imperfect we are, we love ourselves in ALL things.

Radical self-love is letting go of your self judgment and half-truths so room can be made for love to radiate throughout the rest of your life.

To quote directly from The Lantern Oracle Guidebook because Dr. Angelina Mirabito says it best,

“Love yourself for all that you are and all that you are not. To love all that you have done, and all that you have not done. To love all that you have struggled with and overcome as well as all of the things that you still struggle with and may never overcome…
It supports you to love what you are ashamed of or fear and to love what hurts. Love all of your emotions; they communicate to you what matters most to you.”

Radical love is not just loving the best parts of ourselves, it’s also about loving our weaknesses and our shadows.

It’s choosing ourselves no matter what.

Will you start to love every part of yourself?

Will you choose into radical self-love?

Loves & hugs,