Healing, growth, expansion, change… none of it is linear.

None of it is laid out in a perfect line from point A to point B with every obstacle catalogued and ready for our review.

Instead, this great unfolding as we journey towards our most authentic self stretches out before us in a spiral.

…That slight bend in the road making it impossible to see everything up ahead or to hold onto everything that came before.

Which can be terrifying.

Anxiety inducing.

Sometimes paralyzing because we don’t want to lose sight of our comfort zone as we travel into the unknown.

This is why we need self-love and self-grace.

→ Love to embrace ALL of us — light and shadow, pleasure and pain, achievement and failure.
→ And grace to allow ourselves to release what doesn’t serve us so we can reset and realign when we find we’ve maybe lost our way.

Our growth isn’t at the end of one straight, unobstructed road.

We will make mistakes, we will forget things, we will need to be reminded.

And all of it — even the mistakes, missteps, falls, and failures — can have purpose…

IF we choose it.

If we choose to see and seek our power in every situation instead of getting lost in our reactions…

Instead of shaming and blaming.

How? Love and grace.

So, let us love ourselves no matter what.

Let us offer ourselves grace regardless of the circumstance.

Let us trust the unfolding and release dictating the path.

We are three-dimensional beings… why would we expect our paths to be any less?

Loves & hugs,

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