(If you’re not running a business, jump to the p.s.)

If you’re a coach, creative, or service provider with a revenue-generating business, then there are two things I’m 98% positive I know about you…

ONE – You LOVE the work you do.

Let’s be real… creation work and serving others is NOT for the faint of heart. We have to love this work to stay in it.

And you probably love your work so much that you would do it for free if you could!!!

(Truth be told, you’re probably undercharging for it right now.)


TWO – You STRUGGLE loving the business.

You know you need the systems, marketing, and so on – all the business-y stuff. I mean, we gotta get compensated for doing our work if we’re going to be able to STAY in our work, right?!

But instead of feeling excited about your biz, you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and confused.

Which is the best path to take? What business model is right for you? Should you be doing webinars or mini-courses or pocket offers and which platform should you be doing all this on?

The options are endless and when the options are endless, it’s easy to get stuck doing nothing or overwhelmed doing everything or lost duplicating what everyone else is doing in hopes that something works.

And when it doesn’t work, you begin to believe that maybe it’s time to give up.

If the thought of walking away makes you want to cry you’re completely normal. Because deep down that’s not what you want. Not really.

Like I said, you LOVE what you do.

So the answer isn’t walking away. The answer is in getting you excited about your biz!


You gotta find the way to do the business that ACTUALLY feels really good for you! …A way that’s exciting and interesting and engaging.

For people like us, that means depth and connection… meaning and significance.

And that shit doesn’t happen in a digital product funnel.

It happens in YOUR SOUL…

→ Getting grounded in your body so you can better connect to your intuition
→ Releasing everything that is blocking your vision
→ Reconnecting to your soul purpose
→ Coming back to your creative clarity
→ And embodying your purpose and path, not just talking it

If you’re entering the end of 2022 disenchanted with both your business and results but want to finish out the year strong, set yourself up for momentum in 2023, and do it in a way that doesn’t have you downing spiked eggnog by the gallon…

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No more stress.

No more overwhelm.

You CAN accelerate your results while feeling empowered and excited about your business once again.

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For your muchness & magick,

P.S. For my non-small biz owners, your corporate work shouldn’t feel shitty either. If you’re unhappy, figure out why and love yourself enough to change it. ALL of us are worth creating a life that aligns with our souls. <3