If you died in 30 days would you CONFIDENTLY be able to say that during your time on this planet you had:

→ Lived in your truest and most authentic expression of yourself
→ Forgave yourself any undone things, mistaken directions, or less-than-perfect actions
→ Radically loved yourself the way you love others
→ Created the life of your dreams
→ Left your mark on your people and a legacy to be remembered

I know I’ve said this a thousand times: TOMORROW IS NOT GUARANTEED.

But I feel called to tell you again.

To tell myself again.

Guarantees only exist in yesterday.

Tomorrows and Somedays are gambles… bets with ourselves that what we put off now, we’ll have time for later.

But that doesn’t always work out.

NOW is the gift.

TODAY is the only chance we have to change our tomorrow.

I learned this the first time during the robberies when, belly and face pressed against the Berber carpet, I thought I was going to die.

And my number 1 thought? Was my life good enough for God? Which was really a question of my life being good enough for me.

In the weeks, months, and years to come, I would reflect on the question I listed at the top of this email.

And my answers would all lead to the same conclusion: I HAD NOT fulfilled my wildest hopes and dreams.

I’d been playing safe and staying small.

More concerned about NOT rocking the boat than I was in living to the fullest expression and purpose of myself.

I’ve been reminded of this again recently as I’ve faced uncertainty around my health. Somewhere between the doctor’s possibilities of “stroke” and “brain tumor”, my cute little writer brain created a wild, dramatic story about what underlying diagnosis may leave me uncurable or dead.

(Spoiler Alert: It is neither, thank heavens!)

And when I think, RIGHT NOW, about whether I have stepped fully into my power or actualized my sacred creation for this season, I would have to say ‘no.’

No, I haven’t.

So if 30 days was all I had left, I wouldn’t be happy with my own answers.

I’ve still got work to do. Adjustments to make. Creating to happen. Comfort zones to squash.

What about you?

What would a 30-day life+death sentence mean to you? Think about it. Then consider…

If you wouldn’t be happy with your answers to these questions…

If you are ready to live to your fullest today because you don’t want to wait another second…

If you are thinking “when will it ever be my turn to follow my dreams”…

If you are feeling like you’re finally ready to love and forgive yourself…

It’s time.

Time to dig deep and get to the bottom of all of these things standing in your way.

To break free of the BS.

To understand what IS YOU and what is a pale reflection of you based on the needs, demands, and judgments of others.

We don’t have any more guarantees.

We have to figure this shit out TODAY.

Let me help you.

Let me help you discover how #MagicalAF you truly are.

I’m running my Magical AF workshop THIS WEEKEND (online via zoom… so you can come in your pajamas!) and there’s still room for you to jump inside.

Magical AF isn’t just a way of being or a theory of mind, it’s a transformative 1-day workshop to help soul-driven creators like you break free of the b.s. undermining your ability to choose you, trust you, and believe in YOU.

All the deets here.

Don’t wait another day to love yourself or create the life and relationships of your dreams.

You deserve today.


Loves & hugs,

P.S. Remember, you have to CHOOSE YOU before any change or shift or expansion can happen. So choose you. Choose to no longer stay standing in old beliefs and stories. Choose to create a new future instead. I believe in you.