Spring is officially here, at least by calendar standards, and it has me reflecting on the phases of creation (as I see them in energy). 

Spring is the epitome of the Earth’s awakening after the slumber or hibernation of winter, which kept everything shrouded and stagnant. 

This movement from the last season into this one, feels really poignant right now as I watch so many creators struggling with their individual creation cycles.

Not to digress too far into the phases, but let’s just do a quick recap, K? 

There are five phases of creation: awakening, exploration, implementation, high production, and next-level impact. Next level impact is the fifth phase and, because it’s a cycle, it leads into the awakening of the new level. 

This is where the rub is happening. The gap between these two where we will ultimately experience some type of grieving and releasing, which can feel uncomfortable and permanent. 

But in all creation, there is death (or endings). Something to be celebrated or honored rather than feared. Because from death we give space for new life… new creation.

It’s the movement from what was to what will be.

Winter must end in order for us to experience the rebirth of spring. 

As humans, we understand this and we don’t go running to the hills every time the snow melts. (Most of us can’t wait for spring to get here!) Instead, we accept that it’s time for the seasons to change. 

As creators, I encourage us to do the same. Embrace the endings. Welcome the beginnings. Move with creation instead of fighting against it.

When we can accept that this is a part of the process, we’ll embrace the next phase when we see it rather than run from it. 

There’s beauty in this cycle, if we choose to look at it this way. If we choose to see the value in each phase. 

And we must. 

If we are not willing to let go of what was and of what we’ve previously created, we won’t be open to what can be. 

 (You didn’t think you were a one-trick pony, did you? Oh no, my friend. Where you are now is only the beginning!)

Think about a star…

When a star reaches the end of its life-cycle, it ends in one of two ways: as a white dwarf or a supernova. 

If that star doesn’t blaze by on a path to supernova glory, it experiences a set of reactions that eventually “blow its envelope” (ejecting its outer layers) before collapsing in on itself, shrinking to about the size of our Earth while maintaining its mass. So you end up with an ultra-dense, smaller star. 

In creation, if we don’t let go of doing or creating something that no longer serves us, we dwarf our own brilliance

I often see it start with a series of “blow ups”. Frustrated with what we’ve created, lamenting feeling stuck, afraid of what comes next, and refusing to let go, we get heavier, darker, and weightier. We cling to the old while that thing continues to profit us less and less. It’s not fun. 

But if we can see the phase of next level impact like a supernova and are willing to step into our most impactful creation in that moment, exploding in greatness even as we see that the end is near—even as we experience the fear of not knowing what’s waiting for us on the other side—we transform the energy, empower it, so that our old creation becomes the building blocks for our new creation.

Just like a supernova whose tiny particles and gases go out into the universe and become new stars.  

Whatever you’ve created, isn’t lost or gone forever. It’s being channeled into what is yet to come. 

Trust in the process. Be the supernova. 

Loves & hugs,