One of the most important abilities to practice during the creation process is the willingness to allow the unfolding to happen.

Magic cannot be predicted or controlled. 

It’s about trust in Self and Higher Power and taking out the shoulds and musts and have tos.

It’s about being able to step into a place where you fully trust yourself and where your magic is leading you.

This has been the most enriching part of my journey – following my magic and discovering aspects of my life I never would have imagined. 

That’s why I call it an unfolding. Because parts of your life reveal themselves in unexpected, beautiful ways. 

It makes me think of the scene in Harry Potter where a young Lily Potter opens her palm and an asphodel blooms and grows. 

When I can trust that unfolding, ridiculously amazing things happen. 

magic twinkles on female hands


When I try to control the unfolding, that’s where things get unhappy and uncomfortable and I go back to chasing.

Chasing some pot of gold that has been put out there by someone else. 

When I choose into that next step and trust, there is joy, peace, excitement, adventure. There is fulfillment and satiation and there’s everything I want and more.

I implore you… Allow the unfolding and practice trusting it because it won’t come naturally, not at first.

But it is where the real magic happens.   

And you, my friend, deserve real magic.

Loves & hugs,