I’m reading this fabulous book right now called High Magick by Damien Echols.

It’s a guide to spiritual practices.

The thing I’ve appreciated the most about this work is the way Echols talks about the unfair expectations placed on magic.

He mentions how people will say they want to interact with magic, so they buy a spell book. Then they try it once and when it doesn’t work, they decide that’s it, it isn’t real.

Their magical journey ends there.

It made me stop and think about how many times we (as people) decide to explore something new and go out and buy all the stuff to do that thing, then try it once and never touch it again because it didn’t go well the first time.

Let me take you back to the marathon I mentioned last week.

Truthfully, I didn’t do enough to train and prepare for that race.

I was like, “I’m going to run a half marathon and it’s going to be amazing!”

I signed up. I bought sneakers. I did a little jogging. Then I showed up for the race.

Not a recipe for success. Obviously.

(There was an injury somewhere in there that stopped my training, but let’s be real… I wasn’t exactly looking for a reason to keep running 7 miles every weekend.)

When I finished the race I was like there’s no effing way I’m ever doing that again. That sucked.

My expectations for that experience were unrealistic because I didn’t train. I didn’t build up to that moment. I didn’t have a foundation. I didn’t know the basic principles of how to be a marathon runner.

All of this makes me think of our creation work.

We can’t just step into the creation cycle as soon as we have an idea, without any foundation, and expect it to work or be fabulous or perfect right off.

And we can’t jump into our magic expecting we’ll be masters of energy, flow, abundance, soul essences and more straight out of the gate.

We need to investigate what we’ve learned about that particular art or craftsmanship.

We need to know what we have learned about ourselves and our creations in the process.

We must understand the rules first before we can break them in powerful ways.

It all comes down to this: if we haven’t first built the foundation in ourselves + our creation space, we can’t expect our magic to work.

So if something feels like it’s not working, I’d ask, “What foundational pieces did I skip or overlook?”

And then fill that gap.

Loves & hugs,