Let me just start off by saying, I’m no runner. 

But there was a time in my life that I decided to run a half-marathon. (I blame my friend who convinced me this was a good idea.) 

There were two things that made this achievable given my non-runner body, attitude, and will. (Yeah, I’m pretty sure runners have a particular type of attitude and will about running to make those long distances happen.) 

Those two things were:

  1. Starting
  2. Finishing

I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

That half marathon would never have gotten finished if I didn’t first begin. If I hadn’t taken the first step when the starting gun went off and the race began. 

Similarly, the marathon would have gone unfinished if I hadn’t crossed the line on the other side. 

Actualizing our Sacred Creation is like running a marathon. 

We have to start if we’re ever going to get the thing we want on the other side. 

And only once we make it to the other side do we say it’s come true. 

In some ways it’s very simple.  

You start.

You finish. 

It’s all the steps (literally and figuratively) in between that complicate the journey.

That’s why during the marathon I had someone at my side helping me pace, reminding me I could do it, encouraging me to keep going, and occasionally tossing me water. (Seriously, I wouldn’t have made it without her.)

But ultimately all those middle steps won’t matter and won’t happen if we don’t first start and if we don’t finish. 

Commit to starting.

Commit to finishing.

And surround yourself with the people who can be with you for all the steps in between and help you cross the finish line. 

(^^I cannot stress this enough. FIND + be with. YOUR. PEOPLE.)

They are the ones that will remind you of your magic. 

You’ll need that reminder so that you can keep going, so that you don’t give up, and so that you make it the time and place across the line where you can see how your magic has the power to transform the effin’ world. 

Loves & hugs,