Last week I cautioned you from running after the perfect thing you think is going to be the key or answer to making your Sacred Creation miraculously happen.

I compared it to chasing the leprechaun over the rainbow for the (fictitious) pot of gold.

It’s ever elusive even though it looks sooooo gooood.

Those pots are never going to be ours because they are full of bright shiny things that someone else is saying we should or must have based on what we should or must do.

We need to create our own pots.

We need to mine our own gold.

So how do we start?

We begin by identifying what gold we already have.

Let’s identify what’s already right in front of us, because I know along our journey we have already turned up and discovered mountains of glitter to line the inside of our treasure troves.

Ask yourself, what magic have I already cultivated?

Have you identified it and claimed it?

Whatever those golden nuggets are that you’ve sifted and discovered inside the sediment that is your life, add to your treasure box.

You don’t need to go chasing after anything.

Be present with what you have right now.

Fill your pot, your cup, your box, whatever it is, with the magic that already exists inside you and your life, right now, in this moment, without anyone telling you it’s not as good as the gold over there.

I promise you over there, on the other side of the rainbow, is fools gold and it’s a fool’s errand to chase it.

Your gold is the real deal.

And it’s what your magic is made of.

Loves & hugs,