Your dreams are yours and you get to call the shots.

I was talking with a Sacred Rebel recently who said to me, “I’m just so worried that if I pursue the thing I want, and get there and realize I actually don’t want it, then, I’ll be stuck with it.”

Her fear isn’t ungrounded. I’ve seen this happen with several creators. They feel called, they pursue the dream, they create everything they thought they wanted!!!! Only to discover that it isn’t what they thought or (in having reached it) they are ready for something more.

But, having been taught they have to sleep in the bed they’ve made, they stay. Even miserable they stay.

They stay because they feel they owe it to the dream and to themselves to not “give up” after all the work they put into getting there.

Except it’s not about giving up or quitting. It’s about letting go and releasing what no longer serves. (Remember last week I talked about stars going supernova…)

Your dreams are yours. They are always up for renegotiation.

We get to change them whenever we want.

If our dream no longer aligns with our vision and goals, we get to make the decision to stop our pursuit… AT ANY POINT.

No matter where you’re at in the journey, there is room for new decisions and directions.

There is power in the ending and new beginning, whether it be that you get to the other side and realize “This ain’t it” or you go for a little while and realize “This ain’t it anymore.”

There is no rule that says, “Once you dream it, you have to dream it always.”

What happens between you and your dreams is yours to decide.


Loves & hugs,