I’ve been fielding a few questions about the magick I bring to the world and how I’m able to get the crazy-amazing breakthroughs and healing I do with my clients.

So I’m going to take a moment (or several) to answer some of those questions here.

And if you have any of your own, feel free to send those my way!

QUESTION: What do you actually do?

The simplest answer? I read Aura.

The deep answer? I read soul.

I go into depth in this 13-minute Bedhead + Breakthroughs video:


Aura is an energy system of the body that holds SO MUCH “CODE” regarding where you’ve come from, what support you need right now, and what you’re going to need next to achieve whatever outcomes you desire.

So I’m reading all the indicators that point us to the answers you’re searching for… both for yourself and for your sacred creation.

But beyond that, I read your soul.

…Your wounds + trauma and your options for healing + reclaiming your personal power.

…I read your connections to divinity, self, creation, others, and more.

…I see the size and power of your creation in this season. I can tell where you are playing full out and where you are holding back.

…And I can read the map of your inner galaxy that will point you in the path of greatest alignment, transformation, growth and power.

Yeah, it’s a lot.

And it’s STUNNING.

YOU are stunning.

There is more. SO MUCH MORE. Hence the video.

Check that out if you want to know all my secrets, lol.

Otherwise, what questions have YOU been wanting to ask me?

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P.S. All that awesome I talked about in my video? Yeah… that’s what I teach you in Soul Magick. I’m actually helping you to build your own personal Soul Map AND showing you how to use it to navigate YOUR galaxy of stars.

There is so much TRUTH and POWER already waiting for you at the center of your soul. I can show you how to reach it, understand it, and embrace it for ultimate joy and fulfilled living.

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