The world feels really heavy right now.

Then again, did it ever stop feeling heavy?

We’ve moved from pandemic to political unrest, to more pandemic, to the threat of a new war as Russia invades Ukraine.

And it can be easy, sitting in our homes safe in America, to take on the heaviness this entails.

What can we do? How do we fix it? Where do we begin to help?

As an intuitive, you’re probably also picking up on the energies and emotions of the global climate.

You’re experiencing grief, sadness, fear, pain.

And platitudes like “sending prayers” can feel empty and unhelpful.

So I come with two thoughts today.

  1. Figure out what you CAN do and DO IT.

Check-in with yourself and your Higher Power. What inspired action can you take that will be helpful in the world right now?

Don’t be surprised if that action is local. “Call a friend. Speak up online. Message a representative. Take food to the food bank.”

Being a light… helping in the ways we can… DOES make a difference.

And right now, the world needs its light makers.

Quote from Ursula Wolfe

Hey! And if you are called to do something globally, do it! Donate to a group helping Ukraine. Reach out to your contacts on the ground. Open your home to people who might need it. If you have a very particular set of skills and HP is calling you forward, go all in.

The point is to seek inspiration that is aligned TO YOU and then make it happen.

No delaying, doubting, or judging, okay?

  1. Let go of what isn’t yours to hold.

As hard as it is to accept at times, others’ pain and emotions are not yours to hold. You are not built to carry those burdens.

Yes, we are going to feel emotions and energies about what is happening in and around our worlds. We can experience grief, fear, outrage, helplessness, and more.

But we are not meant to hold onto those things, carrying them on our shoulders or in our hearts. That doesn’t make things better.

Honoring the emotion, allowing it to pass through, using it to propel us into action… YES.

Holding onto it, being undone or crushed by it… NO.

So in the video below, I walk you through a simple cleansing visualization that can help clear the low vibrating energies, entities, thoughtforms, emotions, and souls from your space.


3:25 – Explanation

6:24 – Walkthrough Begins

Whatever you’re feeling right now, know that you’re not alone.

It’s okay to feel exhausted.

It’s okay to want it to be over.

Just make sure you come back to what YOU can do about any given situation. 

And remember, taking care OF YOU is VITAL to the success of any world-changer.

So please, take care of yourself.

I love you.

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P.S. Part of my gift is taking care of exhausted unicorns.

You serve so powerfully in all your other spaces… home, work, relationships. I believe it is essential that you have a space where you can be taken care of instead.

That’s what I do. I take care of your soul.

Some of that is by helping you to see yourself CLEARLY and fall in love with every part and particle of your being.

Some of that is by showing you the way to unlock greater power… more energy, greater flow… so you’re not spending your precious resources on navigating the dissonance of old programs.

If you’re like me, you’re seeking out that better world, inside and out. You’re hungry to experience a more fulfilling life. You’re actively fighting against the traps of conformity and inner emptiness as you burn with the desire to be true to your own soul.

And you’re exhausted in the effort as the hits keep on coming.

Let me take care of you.

Let me show you how to navigate the world’s dark night of the soul so you can stand, in whatever space or industry you fill, with power and chutzpah…

…One drop in the ocean of lightworkers who will ultimately change the world.

I love you.

Join me in Soul Magick.