I’ve been thinking about the past over the past few days.

And how we can’t change it.

We can change our relationship to it and reclaim our power from it… from the people and spaces who took from us.

(I do this work with my clients every day.)

But changing history? Deleting the trauma that happened or the life I chose to live because of it?

Not possible.

And not really healthy.

I don’t want to delete me, this magnificent human I’ve chosen to become in spite of all my adversity.

I don’t want to forget me.

I don’t want to exchange Today’s Self for the person I was on track to become before the trauma.

And that isn’t about holding any kind of weird gratitude for my trauma.

(Fuck that shit and the people who used their power of choice to overrule my own!)

This is about being grateful for ME… for the me that made the hard decisions and the me who chose to find help and the me who keeps choosing into life even when the darkness of PTSD feels overwhelming.

…For the ME who doesn’t give up even when she’s exhausted and really, really wants to.

Trauma can suck rocks for all I care.

Who you are now isn’t a product of all your scars.

Who you are now is a culmination of the powerful choices you’ve made to step towards your own light regardless of the darkness around you.

So, why are you grateful for you?

We may not be able to rewrite history, but we can absolutely rewrite our personal story.


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P.S. Soul Magick is my intuitive process for rewriting our stories, reclaiming our power, and creating a life that surpasses our most sacred dreams. It’s possible.

If you’re willing to trust yourself and do the deep work.

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