I’m supposed to be on a plane right now.

Flying to meet up with a couple of girlfriends who have been my best friends for almost a decade.

(Which is crazy in Deb-years. I don’t usually have friends that last that long.)

(Because we drift apart. Not because I murder them. Sheesh!)

Anyway, I have been looking forward to this trip for MONTHS.

And then a little storm happened.

That froze over Dallas.

And canceled all my flights.


With a possible third time (depending on whether or not Dallas can stay unfrozen through tomorrow.)

I cried.

A lot.

And then my friends and Joe went to town seeking out other options.

Maybe I could fly in to Jacksonville. Or Raleigh. (The girls were happy to drive the 2 hours to pick me up.)

Maybe I could try going through Chicago, or Phoenix, or Philly.

Maybe I could fly standby.

Joe even drove me to the airport on a chance that I MIGHT be able to grab a flight that would get me there tonight.

But no matter who I talked to or what I did, I could NOT find a solution that got me to my desired destination any earlier than late tomorrow night.

(And the handful of AA agents I talked to didn’t seem to want to help either. Hell, they wouldn’t even change my seat on the flight I DID have?! *pulls hair out*)

Dejected and defeated, we headed home.

Joy would have to wait until tomorrow.

So when my phone rang as we pulled into the driveway, I wasn’t sure I should even answer.

(It was American calling me back after a 4-hour wait. Egads!)

Did I really want to waste my breath on one more agent telling me there was nothing they could do?

I thought about Joe’s willingness to do whatever it took to get me on a flight.

I thought about my girls on the East coast figuring out driving times and shifting all the plans so they could pick me up.

I thought about the breakthrough I’d had on the way to the airport that made me realize people DO show up for me. (Because these incredible humans keep decimating the old friendship wound I carry with their love.)

“Hey Eric,” I said to the agent who’d introduced himself when I answered. “I need to get to the East coast as soon as possible. What can you do for me?”

And BOY did he deliver!!!

He was pure magic!!!! Using his knowledge of the area (because he lives close to the place I’m flying to), he connected routes no one else had even thought of. He got me around the storm. He found me incredible seats. HE GAVE ME OPTIONS.

And he didn’t stop until we had a win.

I think that’s what I want to say most to you right now…


Obviously check in with spirit. Make sure you’re aligned and are taking care of you.

(No need to burn yourself out. Inner and external creation can co-exist, I promise.)

But keep going.

If it’s what you want and what you love…


And definitely don’t let indifferent grumpy faces decide for you what’s possible and what’s not.

I might not be there tonight, but this girl will be living it up with her ladies by brunch tomorrow morning.

Whatever you’re seeking, you’ll get there too.

I love you.

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P.S. No airline agents were harmed in the making of this adventure. I used to work as a customer service rep for Delta. I get how the weather is NOT their fault. What I don’t get is how treating a passenger with so much indifference helps anyone. Blargh!

P.S. Soul Magick reminds me of Eric the AA agent. It shows up excited to help you, it can provide insider information on routes no one has even thought of yet, and it will keep working for you as long as you’re willing to choose in (and be flexible, lol). It’s the best resource you can have on your side for anything you want to create.

But especially YOU.

Let me show you what it’s like to fly in the first class cabin of life. Your soul, like Eric, knows the way.