I know, I know.

That sounds like the start of a terrible joke.

Only there’s no punch line.

Just two different women from very different time periods teaching us to validate ourselves instead of seeking approval from the outside.

Which can be hard.

I mean… we got people to please, right?

Peers. Coaches. Parents. Clients. Fans.

It’s easy to get lost in the noise of it all.

…In the balancing of what we believe and value against what they believe and value.

Heaven forbid they disagree with what we choose, say, or do!

(This can be especially hard for unicorns with the Essence Expression anywhere in their Auric Compass. Which is probably YOU, whether you realize it or not… cuz I know things. *waggles eyebrows* Muahahaha.)

Not to worry, though. Our girls Austen and Brown have our backs.

Check out my 11-min video about Brené Brown. (Sweet sassy molassey does Brown give us some incredible advice!)


Or chew on this piece of wisdom given by Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice:

“I am only resolved to act in that manner, which will constitute my happiness, without reference to you, or to any person so wholly unconnected with me.”

It’s that simple.

Your happiness matters.

Your voice counts.

And no one gets to have a say in that but you.

Every essence in your aura has a power zone and a shadow. Like an Essence of Expression who can get caught in validation creep. These pitfalls aren’t anything to be ashamed of. It’s about being aware so we can catch ourselves when in shadow and use the best tools to get back to our power zone.

Not only do I teach this in Soul Magick, I map your unique Auric Compass so you know which essences are having the strongest impact on your life right now. Then I show you how to work with them to achieve everything you desire.

If you’re ready to wield the magick of your soul, join the waitlist.

Our next Soul Magick is right around the corner.


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