If we really want to get to the life we love, do good things in the world, and make an impact in the way we feel we can (or even beyond what we feel we can), then the first step is to calibrate and align to our soul compass.

We need to understand who we are at the core — underneath the rules and expectations, beneath the layers of what everyone else says we can do or should be.

We must understand for ourselves what our soul is calling us forward to.

If we can’t trust ourselves and believe in ourselves and receive from our inner compass and north star, then how do we take those powerful steps forward?

Think of it like this: if you’re lost in the woods and you don’t know which way is North, you won’t be able to get to where you want to go because you don’t have your bearings.

Same is true for our souls. We must know our True North if we are to find our way through the woods of this life.

And we must trust ourselves as we lead from this deepest understanding of the soul.

Without understanding who we are and trusting our authentic self, we will continue to feel lost. Alone. Unfulfilled.

The best place to start is to know your dominant essence, which is the first look into your soul.

→ This is the soul essence influencing your life, creation, and behavior right now. It’s comprised of qualities, desires, and driving forces influencing your world as well as indicators of both alignment and shadow.

→ Knowing your dominant essence means knowing how to create more powerfully, avoid the common traps of your type, and get unstuck faster if you happen to fall in a hole or two.

If you haven’t yet, go take my quiz. (Don’t get caught up in what the webpage says, I didn’t have time to update that according to this conversation we’re having right now. The important factor is that you know which essence you’re operating from right now. The next most important factor is that you understand how to use it.)

Getting your results and the report that follows is what you want to focus on.

Knowing your dominant essence is the beginning to knowing your soul’s compass and you need to know these things to change your inner landscape and your outer world.

Creating the life you love begins here.

Are you ready?

Loves & hugs,