You have to choose courage.

Once you know your Truth, know your North star, you need to choose courage to live your truth.

It’s not something you’re born with.

Courage is an active process of choosing into the things that scare us.

When I say feel the fear, puke glitter, and do it anyway — this is courage.

Sometimes you choose courage by the moment, sometimes by the day, but you have to choose it when it comes to following your truth and being guided by your compass.

You cannot create a life you love or spread your epic-awesome throughout the world without choosing courage.

It’s an integral part of creation.

…Of creating the life you want.
…Of creating the impact you are called to make.

You must choose courage.

Loves & hugs,


ACTION: Do something that scares you today. Go live, say the thing, face a spider… whatever it is — DO. IT.

JOURNAL PROMPT: Where am I still playing inside my comfort zone?