I know it can feel like you do.

When we’re raised to hand our power to authority and our voice to those who “know better” as they tell us to not speak unless spoken to and that children should be seen and not heard…

It can be easy to believe we need their permission to speak our truth.

But we don’t.

We don’t need their permission or their blessing.

We don’t need their acceptance.

We don’t need their approval.

We only need to know our truth and believe our words.

That’s it.

And while I know that is easier said than done as we muster up the courage to say the thing or post the idea, often flinching from the backlash before a comment even hits our feed…

I also know YOU. CAN. DO. IT.

You have the power and the audacity to allow you and your voice to matter.

As my friend & spoken word poet, Sarah Paikai, would say… To speak your word.

And the only permission you need is your own.

Don’t wait for anyone else.

Believe in you. Trust you.

Allow your voice and message to be heard.

Loves & hugs,


ACTION: Write yourself a permission slip and post it somewhere you’ll see it daily. Example: I give myself permission to SPEAK MY WORD and to trust my soul’s truth as much as I’ve trusted [fill in the blank].”

JOURNAL PROMPT: What truth have I been holding back because I want people to approve of me?