Freedom doesn’t come from earning “enough” money, crossing certain finish lines, completing the entire to-do list, or finally making everyone happy.


Freedom isn’t something we earn, it’s something we claim.

It’s found in writing your own rules.

In deciding what your life looks like and what creations you’ll pursue and how you’ll play in this thing we call life on this planet we call Earth.

In owning your muchness and magic.

In taking radical responsibility for your own shit and handing back everything else so people can take radical responsibility for theirs.

But you have to choose.

You have to decide you’re free.

You have to decide that you aren’t going to play by their rules anymore. That you’re done with their game and its limitations, restrictions, expectations, norms…

You have to decide that you’re going to be you, in all your might and majesty.

Will you choose freedom?

Will you claim it here and now and set to do the work you’re called to do and fulfill your measure of creation?

I hope to all the gods and magic your answer is yes.


Loves & hugs,


ACTION: Do one thing that claims freedom for you. Maybe it’s coloring a part (or all!) of your hair a certain way. (Hair chalk is a thing, my friend.) Maybe it’s showing some aggressive love to yourself. Maybe it’s allowing your work, whatever it is, to be enough. No more comparison or jealousy. You decide. Pick your freedom and then take action.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What does freedom look like to me?