I’m in the thick of it.

It seems just the other day I was writing to you about the creation phases and the push and pull we feel when we realize it’s time to step into our next season.

And in the last six weeks, this is exactly where I’ve been — leaning over the edge of Next Level Impact peering into Awakening.

I’ve been looking at everything I’ve done to this point and questioning it all.

Am I serving the right people? Am I offering the right things? Am I pricing myself too high? Too low?

There have been moments I haven’t even been able to identify what it is I do when the random someone asks me on Instagram.

I’m tired and struggling.

Not that long ago, I felt confident in where I was taking my business and the steps to get me there.

Now, I’m realizing something isn’t quite right. Something is mismatched.

There’s some adjustment, some pivot or shift that I need to make, but I can’t put my finger on it.

The feeling is angst as I’ve been wracking my brain trying to determine what it is that is out of alignment.

Something else is calling. I can hear its subtle whisper, but it’s just enough out of range that I can’t make out all of its words.

This uncertainty is uncomfortable, the doubt staggering.

Yet, this is where I am and I’m owning it.

Transformation is beautiful… growth is gorgeous… but it doesn’t mean it’s easy or even all that fun.

What I have is trust.

Trust in my Higher-Power to guide me.

Trust in myself that I’ll come to the other side because I always do.

Trust in Joe that he can hold space for the messy place I’m in and also reflect back to me what I always need to hear — “Don’t make decisions in the valley.”

Trust in my team that they’ll offer support and encouragement as I wade my way through these pools of discontent.

I don’t know where this path is leading me, but I trust that wherever it’s heading is where I’m meant to be next.

Maybe you’re feeling this too? What “next level” is calling to you?

Loves & hugs,

P.S. Our rules can often get in the way of receiving what’s next. Amy Sanders and I have a conversation tomorrow around challenging them and getting those out of the way.