​Oh my great googley mooglies, if you missed Burn a Minute with the Burns last Friday — a weekly silly-sesh where Joe (<–the hubs) and I drop some diamonds as we give peeps a glimpse behind the curtain into our real lives — you MUST check this out.

(It’s just shy of 12 minutes but, if you play it back at double speed, it’s only 6! 🤣🤣🤣)

While we drop a GOLD MINE OF TRUTH throughout the video, there are 2 segments I really want you to hear 👇👇👇

✨ (3:00) AUTHENTICITY and how that can look different from moment to moment and STILL BE COUNTED as being authentic.

✨ (5:00) The power of embracing failure (whether in goals, relationships, etc.) and being flexible in how the path unfolds.

Seriously, the road to embracing your authentic self can be a mindfuck. What is me? What is NOT me? What do they mean when they say X? How does that apply? And how will all of it affect my career, relationships, and joy?

Which is why embracing failure can be so powerful! We relieve the pressure from the beginning and make space for the unfolding to happen however it will as we love and accept ourselves all along the way.

WATCH NOW for all the deets… and more than a few laughs.

For your muchness & magick,


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