We need to bring magical creatures back.

No, I’m not being metaphorical.

I see unicorns, phoenixes, pixies, and fairies and the like as having gone extinct like dinosaurs except no one has found their fossils or no one is admitting it.

I believe in real magic, and not like the rabbit out of the hat parlor tricks, but awe-inspiring, defying-all-odds-and-science kind of stuff.

I feel like magical franchises like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings don’t have to be just fiction.

In fact, I think we are all living in a time where we — humanity, society, religion, culture, civilization — are so far removed from magic that we see it as an impossibility, choosing science-only (or even faith-only) again and again. Favoring only what can be proven and explained.

But I think there is way more out there than what meets the eye and if more of us dwelled on what is magic, and where did it go, we would bring it back until we could see it.

I mean, can you imagine how amaze-balls it would be to look up and see a phoenix flying overhead or a unicorn riding alongside your car?

To be living in our own worlds of witchcraft and wizardry.

I’m going to be talking a lot more about magic in the coming year because I’m tired of hiding my beliefs.

And I want to find other magic-loving people who don’t think I’m crazy and are also asking “Where did all the unicorns go?”

I need to be surrounded by those who are going to stand with me as defenders of the magical realm.

Or, in this case, resurrectors… because we have to bring all the magic back first.

I’m not going to be light-footed about this in the coming months.

And if you think I’ve lost my mind or all this real magic stuff just isn’t your thing, that’s okay! It doesn’t have to be. I want you to go where your whole self is going “Hell yess!”… and if this is no longer it, then give yourself permission to go where you will be better served and feel more aligned.

I’m good with that.

I hope you are too.

Because this isn’t about which way is way is better… It’s about finding home.

Wands up!

Let’s do this.

Loves & hugs,