Other than showing up to Astronomy class wearing a nametag and then promptly falling asleep (yeah… the professor NEVER forgot me *headslam*), my single next most embarrassing moment in college happened when I was taking incoming freshmen on a tour of the compass.

I was looking fine in my professional jacket, button-up shirt, and silk skirt (that I even made myself, thank-you-very-much …I was totally crafty back in the day.)

I felt on fire!

Well, perhaps I should say “on fire with a slight breeze”…

That seemed to grow around my nethers as the day went on…

Until, at the closing meal, I finally had a chance to sneak away to the bathroom…

Where I discovered the back seam of my skirt had almost completely come undone!!!

Turns out I hadn’t just given the freshmen a tour of the campus, but an ever-expanding show of my ass. (And my oh-too-practical, whitey-tighty underoos.)


And the best I could manage until it was time to go, was to shift that back seam to the side and pretend that my seam rip was an intentional sexy slit (that looked more like a tattered hole in my skirt).


And I’m getting that same “breeze in my britches” feeling today about the fact that I don’t know whether I want to spell magic as “magic” or “magick”…

So I end up using both.

When it comes to Soul Magick —

✨ My methodology for leading unicorns and other mystical creatures back to radical self-love and immense creation power,

✨ The title of my soon-to-be-born “aura bible”

✨ And my sweet-ass, life-changing intensive

— I KNOW that word ends with a “k.”

But when I’m talking about our everyday magic or being magical as fuck, I tend to go with a “c”.

Weird, right?

It’s the awkward seam rip showing off my backside as I try to figure out what to do next.

So why am I telling you?

(Besides the fact that you probably already noticed and are wondering how to tell me my granny-panties are showing?)

I bring it up because we all experience moments where our transition is noticeable to more than ourselves.

…Whether that is something you are changing in yourself, your life, your relationships, or even your career.

When the world sees it… that indication that we aren’t what we used to be but haven’t yet figured out where “next” is (or even what it looks like)… it can feel terrifying or embarrassing as the judgment and fear overwhelm us.

And it can cause us to run back into the safety of our old comfort zone until we “figure it out.”

But who we are becoming and where we are going next is NOT figured out in the comfort zone.

It takes stepping into the void, trying new things on, changing our minds, changing them back again, falling down, getting back up, and even getting things (sometimes EVERYTHING) wrong.

…Even when the world is watching.
…Even when the nay-sayers are judging.
…Even when we don’t know the answers ourselves.

Expansion, growth, and magick (yep, this one feels like a “k”) are forged in the fires of exploration… in the valley of death that exists beyond the comfort zone.

And, at some point, that journey will show to the people outside of you BEFORE you’re ready for them to see.

Like me trying to figure out if I’m a “magic” girl or a “magick” girl (while also trying to ignore what that means to everyone else because, at the end of the day, it only matters what it means to me).

That’s not anyone else’s mini-quest.

It’s my own.

It has to be.

Just as yours has to be yours.

So even if your transformation is showing, it’s okay.

Let them see you.

Hold your head high.

Stars don’t have to be perfect in order to bless this world with their light.

For your muchness & magick,

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