I know sometimes we can disappoint ourselves so badly it feels impossible to forgive ourselves.

And it can be even harder when we disappoint others.

But that doesn’t mean we are unforgivable or unloveable.

This doesn’t mean we deserve to be endlessly punished.

There can be growth and expansion and transformation out of that mess we feel we’ve made.

IF we allow ourselves the opportunity for forgiveness.

Which isn’t saying what we did was right.

It’s not dissolving us from consequences.

It simply gives us space to make an adjustment and come back to the human and spiritual being that we want to be.

That’s where the power is – choosing back into center.

Choosing into self-love.

Choosing into grace.

You are not what you did or what happened.

You are magic, possibility, power, and so much more.

So choose grace.

Release the shame and self-hatred around your mistakes.

You are deserving of radical self-love and all good things.

Loves & hugs,