As I continue to navigate these exhausting health issues, I am reminded of the need to remove bullshit out of our way and out of our lives.

I know it’s cliché, but life’s too short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

And we — you and I — are too fucking magical to be putting up with anything than less than the best in our lives and relationships.

So some of (or a LOT of) the bullshit we need to be shoveling is how we spend our energy trying to prove our magic and brilliance to people who can’t love our light and our shadows.

Who can’t see us fully.

Who can’t appreciate our gifts.

Who aren’t able to dream and envision the possibilities that we can.

How much energy do we put into scrolling the internet to see who may or may not like our reels or posts?

How much stock do we put into the number of friends or followers or emails on our list?

How often do we feel we have to justify or over explain what we do or what we want to do, seeking someone else’s approval?

Why are we giving so much power to everyone else instead of having power here (*points to heart*) and choosing to love ourselves?

Because, really, all those people – the trolls on the internet or that one person you talked to that one time or that acquaintance you talk to a couple times a year or the third cousin you ran into in the grocery store that you only know by face but still can’t remember their name – they don’t care.

They don’t care about our magic.

They don’t care about our dreams.

They don’t care about our purpose on this planet or our sacred creation.

We are wasting our energy on the wrong people.

(And the assholes on this planet? They really don’t care.)

Day in and day out we (humanity) puts up with the same shit that swirls in our communities, families, and industries…

While good, amazing, incredible, humble humans and magic makers (that’s us, BTW) could be reshaping the globe.

We sit in our rooms, with our curtains drawn, worrying that we are not enough for the world outside the window.

Damn it.

If we could just love us, forgive us, embrace us, honor us, how different this world would be.

Step into love and forgiveness.

Choose to see yourself as worthy and whole.

We need you.

The planet needs you.

Loves & hugs,