Who told you that you’re not allowed to be your priority?

And who benefits from your belief that this rule is true?

I think that second question is the most important.

(Wish I could take credit, but it was my friend Sarah Paikai who taught me to ask it.)

Really… go journal this out.

Because SOMEONE IS benefiting from your hesitance to choose you…

Whether it’s unconscious, like the way our loved ones benefit from the foods and services we often provide without hesitation.

Or conscious, like the way political leaders often benefit by getting us to fight so much amongst each other that we forget to question their actions and intentions.

And every time we doubt our right to choose US…

Every time we feel guilty for saying no to their bullshit or for picking ourselves first…

We limit both power and possibility.

Because the forced “OR” (us or them; selfish or selfless) is a LIE.


It’s the box around all of our potential that makes us believe we MUST give up one thing in order to have another.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE UP YOU to bring your magick into the world!!!!

Magick, my friend, actually invites us to choose “all of the above.”

It’s time to challenge the status quo.

You absolutely can be your priority while still powerfully serving your family, community, and world.

The idea isn’t to stop giving of ourselves.

It’s to use discernment in who, how, why, and when we serve.

Let me know what comes up for you.

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