Had a little thought the other day.

You can catch the 60-seconds of lunch-chewing awesome here. 😂

Less fun summary?

There will never be a time when we outgrow the need for tools that take out the mental garbage, empower our souls, and fortify our energy.

There just won’t.

Whether we are talking mental, emotional, or spiritual health, the tools I teach aren’t entry-level things that we only use until we “can handle it” all on our own.

(That’s just another layer of bullshit.)

Instead, these are foundational tools.

Powerful, helpful, and necessary regardless of your “level”.

So don’t mistake simple for ineffective.

(Addition and subtraction may be simple, but I bet you use them every day of your life.)

Our power statements may get the upgrade…

Releasing may need to take a few different forms…

But taking out the inner trash? …A must.

Empowering our growing spirit? …Required.

Fortifying our energy from the low vibrating shit gettin’ thrown around like monkey poo?

Well… I don’t know about you… but I’m grabbing my energetic umbrella.

If you’re thinking you might want to grab yours too, I GOT YOU!!!


A curated collection of 7+ FREE tools that can help you to…

✅ Keep creating when your mojo feels stuck

✅ Choosing back into you when the hate piles on

✅ Find your joy when it feels like everything is lost


Especially when the mental gremlins want you to give up.


These are the same tools that have helped me manage and minimize my PTSD so I can still accomplish + experience all that I desire… even when the mental gremlins (along with doubt, fear, depression, and anxiety) are being assholes. 

So if you haven’t gotten it yet, grab your copy, watch the videos, and try the tools.

Or not, lol. (You gotta do what’s right for you.)

Either way, I love ya and I’m cheering for you!

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P.S. Every person’s soul DNA – aka the soul essence at the center of your Aura – reacts to each tool in its own unique way. Which is why I might use running as a release tool for an Essence of Autonomy client but I’ll give yelling at a tree to an Essence of Expression. They both provide the release a client might need, but I know BASED ON THEIR AURA (specifically their Soul Skin), which tool will get them the best results the fastest.

It’s part of why I’m so damn good at my job – helping clients release bullshit programming, reclaim their power from past trauma, and find themselves again through radical self-love.

It’s the power of Soul Magick.

…Knowing exactly what you need and why so you can actually heal, empower, and expand.

If you’re ready to embrace the magick of your soul and leverage that knowledge to blow open your world – with love, healing, grace, and growth – join the Soul Magick waitlist.