This idea of unseen rules running our reality is central to the work I do in Soul Magick.

Because those unconscious programs decide if and how we are allowed to love ourselves.

If and when and how we are allowed to choose into the magick and sacred creation calling from inside us.

If and how and WHO we are allowed to have close to us or are allowed to push away.

Rules even determine the most basic human script of saying yes or no.

It’s the same for Society as a collective.

Somewhere along the line, a group of humans chooses into a set of ideas that get passed down as rules, and within months to years, the rest of the group is being held to that set of programs as if this is the way it’s always been.

For example, in the late 1700s (based on the work of an idiot named Johann Friedrich Blumenbach), society picked up the rules of race. Added them to the rules of wealth, nationality, and gender we already had in place.

Rules that determined the value of an individual by subscribing intelligence, personal qualities, work ethic, and even morality based solely on the color of one’s skin.

Those rules got passed down.

Until they weren’t just a new hypothesis floating around, but cold hard facts that had existed since forever.

“It just is.”

Asians are just better at math. (Racism.)

Black people are lazy. (Racism.)

Women are prone to hysterics. (Sexism.)

Men can’t be women and women can’t be men. (Transphobia.)

Allowing same-sex marriage will lead to the disintegration of the family. (Homophobia).

Women are better nurturers and men are better providers. (Sexism.)

And so on.

We can watch it play out on the local and global stages today.

I even see it in how we talk about masculine and feminine energy… subscribing qualities based on 1950 gender roles to infinite and eternal energies.

Nope. Not buying it.

The essences of our souls cannot be contained within the black and white structures imposed by societies or outdated ideologies.

Women who are Essences of Autonomy (red soul skin) are NOT “acting manly”.

Men who are Essences of Harmony (green soul skin) are NOT “too soft”.

Yellows (Essences of Courage) are not childish or irresponsible.

And Purples (Essences of Pattern) are NOT too quiet or automatically arrogant.

Soul Magick doesn’t play by society’s rules.

It doesn’t have to.

Because Soul Magick is about identifying and embracing our CORE Truth, rather than bending ourselves to meet the perceptions society would have us believe are eternal truths.

And when we can undo the false rules and expectations INSIDE us, we are empowered to dismantle and eradicate the false truths, systems, and structures (racism, sexism, genderism, ageism, etc.) outside us.

So if that’s the work you’re looking for…

The undoing of the false paradigms that have fucked with you for too long so you can step into the Truths that support the freedom and expansion of your soul (which includes creating and living a ridiculously happy life now)…

Join me in Soul Magick.

It’s the beginning of the incredible magick and power yet to come.


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