I can’t leave this job. I’ll never find another one that I can do as well, that pays me as much…

I shouldn’t use my free time on something so frivolous when there’s so much to take care of.

I won’t find the time to take that class, write that book, paint that canvas.

Are you compromising YOU for the sake of others?

Your job? Your family? Your friends? Your household?

Are the can’ts, shouldn’ts and won’ts your three most commonly used words?

I remember those days.

The days before I made my own rules to live by.

The days before my own internal muchness and magic were awakened.

I worked a job that didn’t fill me because it was a family credit union and I was a part of the family.

I had a relationship with my free time that compelled me to use it for household chores or looking in on people.

And when work time and chore time and people time were all used up, there was no time left for me.

I lived, not for the life I had, but the life I imagined I would have Someday.

Someday when I could work a job I loved.

Someday when I could explore my own passions.

Someday when I could pursue my purpose on this planet.

Someday when some part of my life was about me and not for others.

Except I wasn’t doing anything to make Someday happen.

I was living in my default mode, going about my day-to-day with hope and vision for the future, but I wasn’t taking any steps to create the future me and future life I dreamed of.

They say build it and they will come, but I wasn’t building it. I was wishing for it.

Then the robberies happened and my life – my very existence on this planet – was threatened twice.

The fragility of my mortality was held up by gunpoint.

At that moment, I realized Someday may never happen.

After that moment, I recognized I wouldn’t wait for wishes to miraculously come true.

Instead, I went on a journey of self-awakening – a quest.

I discovered my magic and used my magic to create my Someday TODAY.

No more waiting and willing it forward.

I used my internal power and gifts and I began to take action.

I took the glass fragments of my old shattered life and put them together again as a fine, vibrant mosaic of my own design.

Are you envisioning your Someday behind those can’ts, shouldn’ts, and won’ts?

Are you asking yourself Is there something more for me?

If you are, I want you to write down all the details of your Someday.

I want you to get so intimate with it you can be right there in that moment as soon as you close your eyes.

And then I want you to write down what would need to change to make just one of those pieces possible.

Because we owe it to ourselves to begin moving around the bricks of our life that block us and rebuild them into something that is meant for us to live in as ourselves.

Maybe our Someday won’t be created all at once, but we can at least begin by considering how to CHANGE OUR NOW to GET TO OUR NEXT.

Loves & hugs,