Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Michelangelo’s brilliant Sistine Chapel took four years to paint and David took two years to sculpt.

The point is this: any magnificent, beautiful, treasured creation requires a first step and takes some measure of time.

That measure of time doesn’t have to be years or decades or eons.

Really, how long it may take to accomplish what your heart is after isn’t that important.

What truly counts is getting started.

Because if we don’t do at least that, we’ll never get where we want to go.

So whatever it is you feel called to do right now, in this moment, whether it’s look for a new job, or find more time to exercise, or learn something new, or finish that draft of a book, or develop a better relationship with money (pssst I know a guy ;-)), you need to begin.

You don’t need to have the whole thing planned.


That’s it.

One step leads to another and you’re on your way.

This is how your life becomes the one you dream of.

You don’t have to wait until tomorrow or Someday.

You don’t have to wait until you have it all planned or figured it out.

Choose one thing and begin.

What will you do TODAY to take one step toward what’s calling your name?

Loves & hugs,

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