The little things add up.

When working with clients to heal old wounds, I’ll often dive into a past experience or two that is holding their power hostage. In doing so, we can release the anchor and free the power.

But there are times when it isn’t just ONE event. Instead, it’s a million tiny moments adding up over time.

This can be the case with self-trust.

When our lack of it comes not from one defining moment, but from the tiny, everyday moments of people telling us to be careful and reminding us to worry about what others might think.

It’s the shaming of us for making mistakes and judging us for falling down and scolding us with “I KNEW this would happen” because they’ve been watching our every move.

It’s no wonder that some of us struggle to trust ourselves!!!! Everything about that narrative teaches us we cannot be trusted.

And yet, isn’t the human experience about making mistakes? With gravity ever present, won’t we fall down? And did we ever even agree to the standards, rules and requirements that these “watching eyes” have set for us?!!!!

Why do THEY get to decide if WE are worthy of our own trust?!

They don’t, my friend. They don’t.

if you’re currently struggling to trust you AND your power (yes, they’re different and yes it’s possible to trust one and not the other)…

Make sure you watch my free mini-course.

Your lack of self-trust is NOT your fault.

And it CAN be different.

You are worthy and deserving of trusting you!

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