He said it to me like it was no big deal. “Oh, guess what? I read that the owner of the Goonies House doesn’t allow visitors anymore.”

“What?! But we were just there.”

“Yeah. Crazy.”

For those of you who didn’t grow up with the Truffle Shuffle, One-Eyed Willie, or “Heyyyyyy, Yoooouuu Guuuuys!”, this won’t be a big deal. For the diehard Goonies fan, it’s like I just found out people can no longer tour the White House or visit the Statue of Liberty.

My tummy is still churning that slow, I-might-throw-up flip flop. I barely made it in time to see the house. Actually… I barely made it at all.

I completed my pilgrimage to Mikey’s house in Astoria just weeks before the news, stopping at Cannon Beach to snap pictures of the rock and then to Astoria to see the same jail where the opening credits were filmed and Mikey’s house where the Goonies’ adventure began. The trip was surreal, spectacular, and oddly fulfilling in an 80’s-baby kind of way.

I can’t believe I almost missed it! I was *this* close to caving into doubt and postponing the Goonies portion of the trip to another year. I’d heard things like:

—> “What a silly thing to want.”
—> “Is now the right time to spend that money on hotels and gas?”
—> “Astoria is NOT the practical way to get to Seattle.”
—> And “You’re so weird!”

I’m so glad I didn’t listen!

However, the news about Mikey’s house hit me hard in a different way and forced me to look at the deeper concern.

What OTHER desires and opportunities in my life am I NOT going after because I’m allowing doubt to get in my way?

Hesitation (aka “doubt-waiting”) has its cost. Whether it’s having to adjust our expectation of the outcome (like seeing everything but Mikey’s house), finding a new path to the same goal (helicopter ride, maybe?), or literally paying more for an experience when rates go up (I suppose I could buy the house?), a price will be paid and it will increase the longer we wait.

BUT… and this is a BIG BUT… It’s not too late. Starting today is better than waiting for tomorrow or never.

So whatever your dream, make it happen! Take just one step TODAY in the direction of your desire. Anything is possible if we’re willing to be flexible and release expectations.

If there is one thing I learned from watching Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, and Data overcome life-threatening challenges to reach the rich stuff, it’s that Goonies never say die!

*deep breath*

*waves goodbye to Mikey’s house*

*opens MY treasure map*

*takes next step*

What’s your next step?

Loves & hugs,