It can be hard to trust magick.

At least it has been for me.

I was raised in a home that taught me there was only ONE WAY to miracles and enlightenment and blessings, and everything else is falsehood and illusion.

One way to pray.
One way to worship.
One way to ask for and receive what I need.

And disentangling myself from all that… trying to walk this NEW PATH… has been difficult. Especially with all the old voices whisper-shouting, “This is not the way.”

(Sometimes, I even believe them despite the fact that this new way has brought me the greatest joy, deepest self-love, and most fulfilling relationships I’ve ever experienced. What can I say? Old programming is a real b*tch.)

Which is what brought me to a conversation with my Higher Power last week about needing a miracle. “Can magick even DO miracles?” I asked.

(That seemed like a religious, one-god, kind of thing, not a magick thing.)

She replied, “Of course. The only difference between your past and your present is that you trusted the old way.”

*mic drop*

Her truth bomb is still reverberating inside me.

I trusted because I was taught to trust (religion & faith).

And I distrust now because I was taught to distrust (myself & magick).

So the problem isn’t the magick and the problem isn’t even me.

It’s the rule that says I can’t do miracles.

And it’s time that shit got flipped on its head.

What rule is keeping you from trusting your magick?

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