You’re not meant to play small.

There’s a gigantic space for you to fill with your magic and creation.

I know you feel it.

I know it courses through your veins, beats inside your chest and keeps time with your heart.

Your soul knows how magnificent you are.

You have the power to touch people with your presence, thoughts, art, choices, leadership.

You have the power to change the planet.

But you’ve got to tap into your wildest dreams.

You have to be willing to surrender the ‘hows’ and ‘shoulds’ and ‘cant’s.

Let that shit go.

Give yourself permission to soar, explore, expand, grow…

Trust yourself.

Trust your inner voice.

Trust your magic.

When the time is right throw your arms wide open and LEAP.

The Universe, the World, your higher power, it’s all waiting for you to fill your measure of creation.

Because you’re not meant to stay small, hidden, confined, or caged.

You’re meant to play BIG and do big things.

Loves & hugs,