When the doctors told me I would never be more than 60-80% of the human I was before the robberies and my PTSD, I was devastated.

Worse, I believed them. (So did Joe.)

And we made plans to compensate for this “lack”.

❌ Deb would never work.
❌ Deb would never function “normally” in the outside world again.
❌ Deb would always need a backup plan (in case terror kicked in).
❌ And Deb would always feel the emptiness of being less than 100%.

But we could do this, right?

It was okay, wasn’t it?

I mean… sure… learning that even after all this fighting and clawing my way back to sanity, I would never… COULD NEVER… reach 100% operating capacity sucked rocks…

But at least I was alive, right? Right?

*convinces self this is a good thing*

And we would have played out that narrative for the next 40+ years if not for my accidental stumble into personal development work and then energy healing and intuitive gifts.

Where I learned how to…

✨ Take back my power from old traumas, people, and events.
✨ Control my fear and anxiety to a point where I could be in public again.
✨ Release my hypervigilance in favor of trust, flow, and ease.
✨ Fall so in love with me that I’ve surpassed the girl I was before all this shit hit the fan.

It’s possible.


I can’t promise that it’s fast. And it’s definitely not “fast food easy” where you order healing and joy at the first window and get it handed to you in a little brown bag at the next.

Inner work is not easy.

At times, it can feel epically slow and grueling.

But I can speak from my own personal experience (and those of my clients) that necessary and powerful LIFE-CHANGING shifts can happen quickly.

In hours to months instead of years to decades.

When we know where to look, how to remove the block without damaging the soul, and what we need next to heal and move forward with trust, faith, confidence, and power.

That’s what I do.

Part gift, part experience, I read your soul, help you heal your wounds, and guide you back to the magick I see there.

You can find healing.

…From old wounds, stories, hurts, and more.

You can be free.

Every transition in our lives will stir up our old fears, stories, and wounds. I think that’s why I love working with MagicalAF folx navigating their crossroads… whether in self, life, location, relationships, or career. Want to stir up shit? Be bold. Want to discover what’s really holding you back? Choose into change.

It’s both magnificent and terrifying. (And can feel so heavy and hard.)

Which is why having someone to help you through that inner valley of death is imperative.

I wouldn’t be here without the coaches and mentors who helped hold my pieces through the process. I wouldn’t be here without my peers walking this path of coals by my side.

We need each other.

So whether it’s me or someone else, if you’re hungry for this new season of healing knocking on your door (and the incredible joy and creation waiting for you beyond!), please… hire someone to walk the fire with you.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Email me if you’re ready for the financial and emotional investment of doing the DEEP WORK with me by your side.

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