We’re reading My Grandmother’s Hands as part of a leadership group I run.

It is a brilliant and breathtaking book about trauma… specifically racialized trauma and the pathway to mending hearts and bodies.

I emphasize the last part because, as Resmaa Menakem teaches us, trauma lives and breathes in our bodies.

It’s passed down in our DNA… a memory or series of memories housed in our cells.

And when we get triggered (even if we don’t understand or notice it), our body responds automatically with survival commands to keep us safe: rest, fight, flee, freeze or annihilate.

It’s not a weakness. It’s survival.

And last week, as we discussed the impact of body-to-body trauma over generations (white to white, white to black, white and black to police and vice versa), it hit me that there is another body of trauma that I am connected to.

Another set of memories running through my cells and causing me to fight, sometimes to freeze or flee, sometimes begging me to annihilate…

That of the magick body.

A trauma born from the violence inflicted on my ancestors who used magick and lived from the Soul. Who dared to defy the norms in order to align with the truths that breathed inside them.

And whether it was my ancestor directly or another magick body burned or stoned or drowned for being different, the trauma got passed between those bodies and then down the line to the body I have today.

It’s why it can feel like death to show up as our most authentic self. To allow her or him to be seen so boldly and audaciously by the outside world.

It’s why our body constricts when we go to speak of the otherworldly things we see, feel, and know — our throats often tightening in order to protect us from century-old wounds even as we hunger to be brave enough to claim our freedom and live our Truth.

Our body is waiting for the first stone. For the first match.

If you are of magick you are also of trauma — yours and others’.

But I don’t want you to pick up the shame that tries to attach itself to that.

It’s not real and it’s not yours.

Instead, let us choose to heal.

That is the Soul Magick I bring to the table.

The healing of old wounds and the releasing from ties that bind.

The bringing back of radical self-love for ALL of who you are.

You already knew that love once.

I’m here to help you remember.

And to remind you that the trauma can be healed.


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P.S. With many of the roadblocks behind us, I’m bringing back my 4-day live event: Soul Magick.

The magick is the same. The power is even bigger.

This is an intense, lightning sprint to the deep.

Expect to be shook, challenged, healed and transformed.

It doesn’t have to take weeks, months or even years to experience the breakthroughs that will finally allow you to accept you, love you, know you and give yourself the gift of a life you love.

I can show you how to get that in days.

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If your soul is exhausted and unhappy… if you’re ready to step into courageous acceptance and bold expansion of who you are and what your magick can actually do…

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