Photo by Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash

It’s no secret, I LOOOOOVE me some Walter Mitty.

Well, there is this moment in Act 2 where Water is being told to run for the shore bike–essentially the mechanism that will get him to his goal. Confused because he doesn’t have a set time to reach his goal, Walter questions the two men urging him to take action. When he finally realizes that there is only one bike and a dozen or so Chileans racing for the same thing, Walter takes off running.

He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t second guess. He puts all his focus on his goal and he RUNS.

I love the image as the camera pans back so we can see little Walter Mitty start behind this huge pack of people, slowly overtake them and step out ahead to reach his target–the bike.

It reminds me so much of being a sacred rebel. Or of starting any endeavor “behind the pack.”

If I could give you an image of what it felt like to start my writing career at 30 and open a company at 34 and then restart it again when I finally figured out my for realsy-reals target market at almost 36, and then one more time at 38 when my soul and Higher Power both said, “Actually, Deb, it’s THIS…”

…It would be this one scene from Walter Mitty.

And I don’t think I’m alone.

I believe that anytime we move into our next level of creation that’s how we feel… at the back of the pack with the impossible task of not just catching up but pulling out ahead.

Some of us feel that and don’t even try.

Some of us “run” a bit and then give up.

And the very few (the 1-5% we talk about in this country) set their sights on the goal and take action without regard to the rest of the pack.

The top 5% succeed, not because they don’t have fear or doubt, but because they are willing to take action in spite of it.

The point is that if we don’t even try because we think we’re so far behind–we’re too old, too late, too much, not enough–we will never know what we’re actually able to accomplish.

So, I say to you what the fisherman said to Walter, “Hurry! HURRY! Run! Go! Gooooo!”

You got this! So do I. 😃

Loves & hugs,

PS. Before you lament having to fight a whole pack for the prize (in this case, the bike), I hope you’ll consider this. The pack is an illusion. Walter didn’t have to beat them, he only had to beat himself. This world is FILLED with enough and there is plenty to go around. You just have to show up as authentically you. When you do that, you don’t have competition.