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Helping writers create the courage to write and freedom to explore.

Build the Writer

Find alignment with your induvial, personalized true north

Craft the Book

Develop the skills necessary to write a book that doesn’t suck

Attract the Tribe

Draw the right mentors, peers and readers to better hone your craft and change the planet

Rock the Market

Get the tools and technology necessary to actually get your book into the hands of the delicious readers you love

When you choose into a life that is filled with creativity, you choose into a life of vulnerability.

Creation requires us to reach way deep down into our tender places and share our experiences—good and bad, awesome and painful—to create characters and worlds that other people will resonate with. And when we reach that deep down, when we draw from the inner stirring of our soul, we can accidentally leave ourselves exposed to judgment and criticism.

Rather than cut ourselves off from humanity, this means we have to find a way, a tool, a system that will help us create more confidence and courage as we build the support and resources we need to continue going when all we want to do is hide.

As I’ve been watching writers for years and coaching them for the last 3, I’ve seen a pattern.

Those who don’t align—who may not even know—their true north wander.

And not in the fun-let’s-discover-new-places way. In the lost-in-the-wilderness-I-need-food-now way. They are starved for creativity, compassion, progress and publication.

So what do we do, if we’re walking in circles in a wood of our own making? Quit? Stop being a writer?


We grab the Write Compass, get our bearings and set ourselves free.


Your story needs you, but you gotta show up for you first.

We’re all in a different spot on our writing journey, so it’s not about saying “All writers need to do this next.” Instead, it’s about knowing which direction is north so we can figure out how and where to take our next step.

So the Write Compass isn’t a circle or a square or a series of steps.

It’s an alignment process.

Building the Writer… building who we are, understanding our passions, and aligning with our purpose over and over and over again… allows us to align with our personal true north so we can reach the destination we truly desire.

It’s not the first thing or the last thing, it is THE thing we do before every single choice we make. Want to Rock the Market? Know who you are so you can show up authentically and with greater power because you know which systems will work with you and which will get in your way.

Want to Craft the Book (that doesn’t suck)? Understand your deepest passions and your lines in the sand so you’ll know which words to write and what stories to share and what you’ll add to your novel and what you won’t.

Want to Attract the Tribe that celebrates you, cheers for you, and becomes more than a group of people, but a loyal following of stark raving fans?! First create the courage to be vulnerable with your people, understanding the difference between showing them you and showing them the skid marks in your dirty laundry.

What we want to do over and over and over again is to align with our true north so that everything else comes into perspective.