The Creation Map

A one-on-one deep dive into the inner guidance system of restless, visionary rebels ready to create their most incredible work yet!

I see you, Rebel.

As a highly creative + driven visionary, you’ve built your empire, amassed a following, and are making great money as a badass boss impacting your deeply curated tribe every day!

And yet… you feel restless.

Like something is calling you, but it’s just out of reach.

  • You feel it when you think about your work — a nudge to change things up or go a whole new way.
  • You feel it in your relationships — a missing piece to find or a magic to deepen.
  • You feel it in your creative self — a project, an idea… a new creation begging to be born.

Only problem is… you’re trapped in a fog.

A fog made up of your culture, your fear, your doubt, your pain, and everyone else’s ideas of who you should be.

Even your brain tells you “I’m already making an impact. I should be happy. I should be content.”

But that doesn’t stop you from feeling the hunger to expand… to stretch beyond your current limits, creating new visions and possibilities, as you give rebirth to yourself through next level creation.

And while others might tell you to be happy where you’re at and will even honor your willingness to hide in your current creation, your soul won’t be silenced.

“Yes,” it says, “You’ve done big things; now it’s time to do sacred ones.”

Time to access your full Creation Power™ and fulfill the measure of your creation on this planet.

And that starts with remembering your map — your Creation Map.

A Creation Map is like a genetic mapping of your soul; identifying the key, influential aspects of your aura and chakra systems — aka your “soul DNA” — that are impacting you, your relationships, and your ability to create.

Creation Mapping is a process that helps creative visionaries and magic makers discover what your internal GPS is already trying to show you about your path, including where to look for answers, how to interpret what you find and what you need to do next.

In a 3-hour deep dive session, we’ll explore your:

  • Soul Compass: the combination of auric essences impacting who you are and why you do what you do,
  • Sacred Creation: your deeper, gifted calling that is asking you to step beyond the places you’ve already been, and
  • Energy Flow: how you’re accessing the infinite source energy that gives life and power to all you do.

At the end of your session, you’ll receive the personalized insight and tools necessary to reach your next level as a creative, as a creator, and as a divine human being so you can access your most powerful creative self on demand.

Your or 23andMe genetic fingerprint can tell you a lot of things about you, but the one big key they’re missing is this — your soul DNA.

This is the map to where you are headed, not just where you came from.

Because you aren’t here to climb a new mountain. (There is no new mountain.) You’re gonna get in the motherf*cking spaceship and explore the stars.

If you have the chutzpah to choose vulnerability, diving deep into your soul, and the tenacity to follow the map uncovered in the process, you’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity around your sacred creation and messaging
  • Exact next steps you need to tap into your innate Creation Power™
  • Higher quality and more fulfilling relationships, including self, higher power, sacred creation, intimate partner, team members, peers, and more
  • More aligned, powerful decision-making
  • Validation that this new call is real and your next step to take
  • Confidence in who you are as a creative, a visionary, and a divine human being
  • Ridiculous momentum
  • And, of course, a 20+ page report outlining your entire map with personalized steps, tools, insights, cautions and guidance to help you be your most creative, powerful self on demand.

“Do you have the courage? Do you have the courage to bring forth this work? The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.” ~ Jack Gilbert, poet

Your inevitabilities — the outcomes you will experience when you say yes to you — are waiting. You just have to say yes.

Here’s how the magic is about to unfold…

How does Creation Mapping work?

To you, it will feel like a free-flowing conversation. Some questions will seem natural and expected, others may come across as strange and meaningless. I promise, it all has a purpose.

As a powerful empath, seer, and oracle, I am feeling for indicators underneath your answers as I determine where you are blocked, where you are hiding, and where you need the most help to harness your Creation Power™.

We will explore your:

Unique Soul Compass

There are over 210 combinations of auric essences that make up who a person is and how their creations manifest in the world.

During our time together, I’ll identify the three essences that present the strongest in your aura and where they are located in your layers:

Soul Skin: This is your core essence and it doesn’t change. Ever. You were born with it and you will die with it. It flavors everything you do and how you show up in the world. It is an intrinsic part of unlocking your Creation Power™.

Habit Field: This soul essence is impacted by the patterns of behavior you use to interact with others. Its power is in knowing how to adjust it or work with it to get the results you desire.

Life Lens: This soul essence is what people see and feel when they brush up against you, whether online or off. While this one can also change, our goal is to keep it as consistent as possible. This reads as trustworthy and authentic to the people you serve. Want people to respond to you differently? Then we have to look at what’s happening in your Life Lens.

Sacred Creation

As we talk, my gifts allow me to feel, hear, and see the sacred creation inside you — the size of your flame, the intensity, how far it’s spreading, and more.

I feel the inevitability of what the Earth will be like as you continue to make choices in alignment with your sacred creation, including what lights you up and what shuts you down.

I know when you’re hiding from your greatness and getting lost in a project that doesn’t actually matter, and I can help you re-align to your true Creation Power™.

Energy Flow

We’ll be checking in with your chakras to determine

  • What sources of energy are you plugged into?
  • How open are your entry points?
  • What is the health of each chakra reflected in your Soul Compass?
  • Are your chakra partnerships healthy?
  • What is happening with your Heart Chakra, the center point of the entire system?
  • And more…

Whatever you are missing that is blocking you from your next steps, we’ll identify it and determine the tool specific to you and your Soul Compass that will help you forward with greater ease and more momentum.

What’s included?

3-hour Session with Recording!

Though we have 3 hours together, this is really about helping you. I am more committed to mapping your soul than I am to the clock, so sessions can be up to 30 minutes shorter or longer depending on the needed breakthrough. Come open and willing to receive. <3

After our session, you’ll receive a downloadable recording so you can refer back to your session again and again for new insights and ahas!

Bonus #1 – Creation Map Report

This 20+ page, full-color PDF documents your current Soul Compass, Sacred Creation, and Energy Flow including in-depth descriptions of each core essence, phase of creation, chakra diagnostics, and tools specific to you that will help you create the next level impact you desire.

Bonus #2 – Video Walkthrough of the Creation Map Report

In this short video, I walk you through your creation map report, including a brief explanation of each of the tools I recommend. No need to comb the full-length video (unless you want to!). I give you everything you need right here in this virtual tour of your report.

Bonus #3 – Sacred Rebels Syndicate (3-month access)

A digital way-station, the Syndicate is designed to provide continued support for you as you work with your creation map over the next several months. It includes quick trainings to address questions, essence explorations to help you better understand your compass, live monthly master classes to support your creation map, quarterly challenges to build soul-sustaining habits, and more!

Bonus #4 – 30-minute Follow Up Session

This free, 30-minute session — held about a month out from your original mapping — is designed to ensure you are comfortable using and adapting your Soul Map. Ask questions, get more clarity, discuss roadblocks… this is your session to get the answers you need.

Bonus #5 – Energy Flow Digital Training

Understanding the Chakras is integral to understanding and interacting with your Sacred Rebels Essences. In this 2-hour recording (taken from a live Sacred Rebels Intensive), I teach you how to use this foundational energy system to better understand, interact with, and utilize the power of your essences.

Bonus #6 – Live Event Credit (worth up to $1000!)

Through years of teaching and attending events I’ve learned that there is SO. MUCH. POWER. being belly-to-belly with both mentors and peers. So whatever I’m doing, I know huge shifts will happen for you when you’re in the room.

This bonus gives you up to $1000 to use at ONE (1) event of your choice within a calendar year of your map, including any of the Sacred Rebels Intensives or Leadership Retreats. You choose!

Who is it for?

The Creation Map works best for people who…

  • Are ready for the deep work. You aren’t shy about getting vulnerable and you care more about progress than keeping up appearances.
  • Want to unlock their creativity and ignite the possibilities. You crave what’s next and want to live as your fullest, brightest self… even if that means releasing what you have created to make room for what is to come.
  • Are committed to creating a better world. You see the divinity of the human family and are invested in helping us reach that new way of being.
  • Value and are willing to invest in energy work. Whether or not you consider yourself “woo”, you are open to all of the things that can transform your creativity and action-taking into even better results.
  • Actively play with intuition. Maybe you’re still building trust, but you know it’s there and you are actively seeking to better hear and respond.
  • Can embrace the metaphysical. An abstract approach to identity, space, time, and healing (among other things) isn’t an issue for you. You’re not here to be convinced but to uncover and explore.
  • Like having fun! You are happy firing glitter cannons and dancing in the sparkle.
  • Choose radical responsibility for self and circumstances.
  • Take action. I can show you the stepping stones, but you are the one who actually has to do the work.

I kindly REFUSE to Creation Map people who…

  • Are habitually unkind. Trolls + mean people need not apply.
  • Have something to prove. I LOVE working with experts in their fields! But I eat shoulder-chips and egos for breakfast. If you’re more concerned with proving yourself right than in receiving what’s next, I’m not the droid you’re looking for.
  • Require perfection. If you’re not ready to let people (including me + you) be human and make mistakes, you won’t be happy here.
  • Do NOT want to change. This experience is about growth, which happens outside the comfort zone. And if you’re not up for that, this journey will feel like steel wool to the face… Neither of us want that for you.
  • Tend to blame or make excuses when things don’t go your way. That won’t fly here.
  • Simply can’t open up to others. Either you don’t want to or aren’t in space where being vulnerable is possible. No shame here! You may just need to work through another medium of healing first (like therapy) before we dive deep into your soul.

Hi, I’m Deb!

Soul Mapper, Magic Awakener, and Molotov cocktail in Hello Kitty packaging.

I am a stand for creative visionaries trying to see their way through the fog of next level impact.

Whether your sacred creation in this season is yourself, your creative work, or your business, I provide you with the tools to unlock your Creation Power™, create your most incredible work ever, and transform the world!

And I am hella passionate about the work I do.

See, I feel the future—that bright, incredible space + time that will happen when you say yes to you and your sacred creation. I also feel its loss when you fumble or turn away because of doubt, fear or confusion.

Which is why I’m so committed to supporting sacred rebels!

As a soul-driven, driven-driven creative visionary like you, I understand the unique frustrations, challenges, and delights that come with entrepreneurship and traversing our next level impact.

I’ve owned several successful companies — from teaching energy work and intuitive gifts to helping writers craft fiction to this current call of sacred rebellion — and I know the fears, doubts, setbacks and resistance we experience when our soul says “it’s time to move on” when really we feel like we’ve barely begun.

I get it. I really, really do.

But I CAN’T let you back down. I can’t let you play small. I can’t let you believe for another nano-second that staying where it feels safe is serving your highest call.

You are the one. The right one. The beautifully imperfect one who’s been called to change the world.

And the time is now.

I believe in you.

Loves & hugs,

The Cost of Results




  • 3-hour session (w/ recording)… Value $5000
  • Bonus 1: Creation Map Report… Value $1997
  • Bonus 2: Video Walkthrough… Value $497
  • Bonus 3: Syndicate Membership… Value $150
  • Bonus 4: 30-min Follow Up Session… Value $497
  • Bonus 5: Energy Flow Digital Training… Value $497
  • Bonus 6: Live Event Credit… Value $1000

Total Value: $9,638!

(Yeah, I know… I’m crazy. I just LOOOOVE giving you ALL THE EXTRAS!!!)

Want your VIP Creation Map? Let’s jump on a call to make sure that YOU + ME + the SOUL MAP = MAGIC!


Still have questions?

Am I REALLY a sacred rebel?

Does that term light you up? Does it make you feel things inside? Is there a part of your soul that says, “YES! That’s who we are!!!!” or “PLEASE LET THAT BE ME!!!” Because you know you are designed to do something greater in and with your life — like transform yourself, your community, your industry and/or the world?

If so, you are a sacred rebel. Being a sacred rebel isn’t a birthright, it’s a choice. Are you in?

What if no one gets the work I want to do?

My belief? If you are aligned and have received the intuitive hit to offer something to the world, then there are already people in the world asking for it. They speak their prayers and carry desire in their hearts and Source/Universe/Higher Power responds by tapping others on the shoulder to answer the call… to be someone else’s miracle. Our job is to rally our chutzpah and say yes.

Wondering if you’re truly aligned and picking up the right call? I got you! We’ll explore all that when we discuss your sacred creation!

And I will give you the tools to build that trust with your intuition because — at the end of the day — you are your own best expert.

I’ve worked with coaches and left feeling more confused than ever… how do I know this will work?

Because we aren’t basing your backpack of tools on habits and perceptions — which is what most assessments are gauging. Instead, we are diving right to the heart of who you are and showing you how to harness those innate gifts + powers in your life. I connect those incredible pieces of you back to your Creation Power™ with practical application and doable steps that will give you the breakthroughs you’re looking for.

This is a big investment for me right now…

I believe that every step outside our comfort zone is a big investment and that tension you feel? That’s the stretch between your desire to choose what you want most and your brain’s auto-responder telling you that new and unknown equals death.

It’s time to get used to it because this path you’re about to take will not only cause you to step outside your comfort zone but live outside it.

And what I’m about to show you — if you apply it! — will return to you 10+ times your investment in empowered relationships and fulfilled living.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Complete the application and once we meet to determine if you + me = magic (all the way around), we’ll get you signed up for your Soul Mapping Session, including a link to my calendar so you can book a time and date that works best for you. Woot!

You are being called.

I see you, Rebel. I mean really see you — all of the intense pieces of you as a spirit, as a human, and as a creator that are lying dormant under the layers of life and culture that have been thrust upon you.

Layers that are heavy and make your sacred creation feel burdensome.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let me show you how to connect those incredible pieces of you back to your Creation Power™ with practical application and doable steps that will give you the breakthroughs you’re looking for.

It’s all right there in your Creation Map.

Let me help you remember.

Because you are made of starlight and magic runs through your veins.